Custom Cell Phone Case with Shotgun Shell

Miller's Leather Shop

$ 49.00 

  • Handcrafted Leather Case for Cell phones
  • Durable Triple Riveted Construction
  • Industrial Velcro Closure (No other style available)
  • Heavy Duty construction for Outdoorsmen, Hunters, etc.

***Made to your exact measurements and are not exchangeable(MEASURE YOUR PHONE TWICE)***

  1.  Exact ACTUAL Measurements of the phone with any protective cover to the nearest 1/8"

  2. W x L x D Need all three!!  (no googled or decimal measurements)

  3.  Type/Model of phone (iphone 4,5, 6, 6plus, Galaxy note, flip phone, etc.)

  4. Type of protective covering you are using (otterbox, lifeproof, etc.)

Note:  Measure twice and measure carefully!  These cases are cut to your measurements and we do not accept returns if you give us the wrong dimensions.