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Handcrafted Leather Goods - Made in Hardy, Arkansas by the Miller Family

These products are individually handmade and custom engraved with your initials or name. 

All of our leather products make wonderful gifts that will last many, many years.

View all 12_guage_shotgun Accessories adjustable Advantage_Timber Always always_forever american flag wallet american_eagle Angel anniversary anniversary_band anniversary_bracelet Anniversary_date arkansas barb_wire barbed_wire basketweave Belt best leather cell phone case best_man best_man_gift bifold bifold_rebel_flag Bifold_Wallet blue line bone_collector boyfriend bracelet bracelet_custom braided_leather BROWN_BELT browning wallet browning_heart BUCK buck_and_doe buck_wallet Buffalo Nickel cell phone case CAMO camo wallet Camo_bracelet camo_gift camo_rebel camo_shotgun_shell camo_wallet card_holder Card_pocket Case_for_otterbox Cell phone case for fire fighter cell_case checkbook checkbook wallet Checkbook_cover_cust christian christian gift for dad christian_cowboy CHRISTIAN_MAN christian_strap CHRISTIAN_WALLET compact_wallet concho concho_belt confederate_wallet Cool country country wedding country_girl countrygirl_keychain COUPLE couple's_gift couple_gift couple_set COUPLES GIFT couples_gift couples_gift_set Cowboy cowboy_and_angel cowboy_angel cowboy_wallet CROSS Cuff Custom custom cell case custom keychain custom leather custom leather wallet CUSTOM_BRACELET Custom_checkbook Custom_leather custom_name custome_engraved Dad Daddy date deer DEER HUNTING deer_belt Deer_wallet dixie_flag DOE DRESS_BELT_BROWN Dress_Black_Belt eagle eagle_wallet ENGRAVED engraved gift Engraved_checkbook engraved_free engraved_keychain engraved_leather_key Engraved_wallet Everything_Else exchange extra heavy phone case extra_large_case faith father's day Father's_Day_gift fire department phone case fire fighter wallet fire_department Fire_Fighter_wallet flag wallet Forever front_pocket_wallet gift for fireman GIFT_FOR_COUPLE Gift_for_dad gifts_under_10 girlfriend good_belt good_leather groomsman groomsman_gift groomsmen groomsmen gift groomsmen_gift guitar_strap gun_rights guns handcrafted handcrafted_leather handcrafted_wallet handmade handmade leather case for big phone handmade leather phone case handmade leather phone case for iphone 6 handmade leather wallet handmade_belt handtooled handtooled_leather heart her_one his_only hope horse_and_girl horse_keychain hunter hunter_wallet HUNTING Indian Nickel phone case infinity infinity_love iphone_case journeyman gift journeyman lineman journeyman wallet KEY CHAIN KEY RING key_chain key_fob_leather Keychain Leather leather case for really big phones LEATHER CASE FOR THE NOTE leather wallet LEATHER_BELT Leather_Belt_Black leather_bracelet Leather_case leather_checkbook leather_goods leather_key_chain leather_key_fob leather_keychain leather_loop Leather_moneyclip leather_name leather_phone_case leather_strap Leather_tooled leather_wallet leather_wallets life proof case lineman lineman camo wallet lineman gift lineman leather lineman leather wallet lineman wallet long_wallet LOVE made in the usa made_in_usa made_in_usa_strap magnetic_moneyclip maltese_cross military wallet miller leather miller_leather millers Millersleathershop money Money_Clip money_clip_wallet Moneyclip moneyclip_cardholder monogrammed wallet morning_glory Mother's_Day musicians_strap name_bracelet Name_checkbook name_engraved NAME_ENGRAVED_FREE name_free name_key_ring name_keychain officer wallet ONE_AND_ONLY otterbox otterbox_case outdoorsman patriot wallet Personalized personalized_belt personalized_free personalized_leather personalized_wallet phone_case pipe welder wallet plain cell phone case policeman wallet real leather phone case Real_Tree_Camo REALTREE realtree camo wallet Realtree_Camo realtree_camo_wallet REBEL rebel_wallet red line wallet redneck roman_numeral romeo romeo_and_juliet roper wallet semi truck wallet shell_belt shotgun_shell shotgun_shell_wallet shotgun_shells smart phone case SOUTHERN southern_boy southern_rebel strap sweetheart sweetheart_gift tan_legged_juliet texas star phone case texas_star texas_wallet thin blue line thin blue line wallet Thin_wallet tooled tooled_guitar_strap trifold trifold lineman wallet truck driver gift trucker wallet usa VALENTINE valentine's_day_gift wallet wallet for a lineman wallet for a welder wallet with deer wedding wedding_gift weddings welder gift welder wallet western cell phone case western star case for otterbox western_belt western_star western_wallet