Eggs in a Basket- Cowboy Breakfast!

Shake things up and watch them smile this morning with this easy eggs and toast recipe.

Serves: 2
Total Calories: 127



2 slices of bread 
2 eggs 
salt and pepper to taste 


Take a slice of bread, and cut through bread in a circular shape with a biscuit cutter or glass. You will have the bread circle to cook alongside piece with the egg in it. Butter both sides of all bread. On medium heat, place slice of bread with cut out in pan and crack egg and drop in center of bread. Cook on both sides. Cook circle piece on both sides along with the bread and egg. Cook until egg in center is cooked to your liking, making sure not to burn the bread. Serves 2. 
You may find that it takes a couple practice rounds before you find the perfect heat and time to cook your egg just how you like it, but it is worth the effort once you get it!